martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

A palm tree road, but is not California

A Christian orthodox monastery, but is not Greece

A lady rider, but is not Europe

A Harley Davidson guy, but is not Milwakee

A non busy worker, but is not a strike

A bikes traffic jam, but is not a race

a guy seated, but he is not tired

a face in the crowd, but is not a song

a skycrapper, but is not New York

A Pyramid, Ok, it is Egypt

lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

The old man life takes sometimes long ways down

Parallel lines

parallel friends

red seas

and lonely trees to dream underneath

Lebanon has the ruins

the barbed wire

the mountains and the valleys

the check points

and a good friend I travelled with

My bike loves the ruins

the ruins love the peace

I love to watch

the men

and the soldiers

who fought in no war

The old men rides the wisdom

goes to church

just to find his shadow

the end of the world

starts every day

in the laberynth

all we are blind

knocking at the wrong door

I fall down on my Damascus way

started to believe in life, God and me

then found a friend

and old car

and a nice arab girl who loves motorcycles

We are lost sheep

There is not leeter in the box

but the moon is still high

you kiss the sand when see my camels

and met a crazy guy

but always got the right way

to get lost in the ruins

But everything is Ok, they are always curious sephards